Reels We produce and trade tissue paper using advanced technology

Strategic Business

Para FPC TISSUE el negocio de bobinas es un pilar fundamental. A lo largo de los años que llevamos en el mercado hemos creado relaciones comerciales tanto en el mercado nacional como internacional, buscando siempre aportar valore, entendimiento del negocio y calidad en cada uno de nuestros productos.

High quality products

We are focused on thequality of our products, we have a paper machine with unique NTT technology in South America that allows us to make structured paper, of greater softness and caliber than conventional technology. We are also focused on the service we offer and with the relationships we are developing, understanding the needs of our clients, generating trusting relationships in the long term.


Develop superior quality product, develop business relationships with our customers and cover their different market needs in a quick and efficiently way.